Amazon game sale: Get ‘Death Stranding,’ ‘Witcher 3,’ ‘The Outer Worlds,’ and more for cheap

Amazon game sale: Get 'Death Stranding,' 'Witcher 3,' 'The Outer Worlds,' and more for cheap

If you play a lot of games, you know the stress of the forbidden “backlog” — the games that you’ve been meaning to play, but maybe haven’t had the time or money to do so. Simply looking at what you’ve missed out on has the potential to be a serious bummer. 

But, once in a while, there’s a sale that gives us the opportunity to (at the very least) get those games we didn’t get around to into our physical libraries. Turns out, that sale is happening right now on Amazon. 

There are a ton of games on sale across all consoles — some of the best titles from recent years — but here’s a list of the most worthwhile offers we could find: Read more…

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