‘Mulan’ baddie Bori Khan isn’t your typical one-dimensional villain

'Mulan' baddie Bori Khan isn't your typical one-dimensional villain

Jason Scott Lee, who plays the villain Bori Khan in Disney’s live-action Mulan reboot, admits he’s disappointed that he doesn’t get a song. But he’s also chuffed about his return to a Disney film — where he is firmly the baddie.

“I guess when you get older, they make you the bad guy,” Lee told a group of journalists on the New Zealand set of the film in October 2018.

The actor took on a swathe of good guy roles during the ’90s, playing the likes of Bruce Lee in Dragon and Mowgli in the first live-action remake of The Jungle Book, and voicing David Kawena in Lilo & Stitch

“I find it more rewarding, though, in a way, to play the opposite,” he said. “You know, as I’m growing into my 50s, it’s kind of cool.” Read more…

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